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King Kalimari: The Musical

Type: Album

Artist: Derek Taylor Kent

  • King Kalimari: The Musical by Derek Taylor Kent

Released:  April 1st, 2007
Track List:

1.Ahoy We Go! (feat. Cannon Macias & Chris Wylie)
2.Forest of Ferrigon
3.Kermopoly / King Kalimari
4.How I Hate Him
5.A New Kind of Show
6.Forest of Ferrigon 2 (feat. Elisa Eliot & Dylan Vox)
7.Musketeers and Manservants
9.Chained Up
10.In a Bath with No Skin (feat. Mario Lara)
11.My Princess (feat. Mario Lara & Sara Berard)
12.When You're a Squid, You're a Squid (feat. R.J. Victoria)
13.Final Squidtoberfest (Reprise)
14.A New Kind of Show (Ending)


Why Is The Lights On?

Type: Album

Artist: Son of Scotland

  • Why Is The Lights On? by Son of Scotland

Released:  June 1st, 2006
Track List:

1.Think of Me (feat. Lawrence Long)
2.Maybe I Meant Something (feat. Lawrence Long)
3.Oh Annie (feat. Lawrence Long)
4.Another Dance (feat. Lawrence Long)
5.Empty Promises (feat. Jessica DePasquale)
6.No Apology (feat. Lawrence Long)
7.Girl You Have to Believe Me (feat. Lawrence Long)
8.The Knocker (feat. Lawrence Long)
9.We Ought to Be at Hogwarts (feat. Carter Kerzner & Vreny Van...
10.Kind of Awesome (feat. Lawrence Long)
11.Sometimes (feat. Lawrence Long)
12.Look Away (feat. Lawrence Long)
13.Down with You (feat. Lawrence Long)
14.Price you Pay (feat. Lawrence Long)
15.Ridiculous Happy (feat. Lawrence Long)
16.Little Blue Rosie
17.Your Voice is Vidodin (feat. Lawrence Long)


Scary School Theme Song

Type: Single

Artist: Derek the Ghost

  • Scary School Theme Song by Derek the Ghost

Released:  January 1st, 2011
Track List:

1.Scary School Theme Song (feat. Nice Peter)


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