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I'm Making Progress

Type: Album

Artist: Forced Into Femininity

  • I'm Making Progress by Forced Into Femininity

Released:  October 7th, 2016
Track List:

1.Leave It Alone
2.My Greed
3.Making Progress
4.I Care Too Much
5.I Call Upon the People


Romanse Is the Death of Intellect

Type: Album

Artist: Radio Shock

  • Romanse Is the Death of Intellect by Radio Shock

Released:  October 1st, 2014
Track List:

1.Random Seed
2.Fast Breeder
3.Slow Drain
4.Hunt the Wumpus
5.Spring Rolls


Waiting for Surfin' Bird

Type: Album

Artist: Mincemeat or Tenspeed

  • Waiting for Surfin' Bird by Mincemeat or Tenspeed

Released:  May 6th, 2014
Track List:

1.Normal Techno Jam
2.Hounding Folds
3.Big Daddy Sunshine
4.Scarfin' Boards


The Two Benji's

Type: Album

Artist: Form A Log

  • The Two Benji's by Form A Log

Released:  November 5th, 2013
Track List:

1.Chain Valet
2.Tape It to the Dog
4.Jewel Case
5.Sushi Night Club
6.Gentle Leader
9.Cool White
10.Diamond Pressure
11.The Two Benji's


Trapper Keeper

Type: Single

Artist: Radio Shock

  • Trapper Keeper by Radio Shock

Released:  February 25th, 2014
Track List:

1.Trapper Keeper


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