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L.A. South Iradio Mixtape

Type: Album

Artist: Dez Corleone

  • L.A. South Iradio Mixtape by Dez Corleone

Released:  May 15th, 2011
Track List:

1.E. Feliciana (feat. Buck and Dastranger)
2.Hot Stove (feat. First-Ade, Buck and Dastranger)
3.Ole School Swag (feat. Dastranger)
4.Bouncin Throu Tha Club (feat. Dez Corleone, Gumbeaux and Das...
5.Chevy's And Buicks (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
6.Crazy (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
7.Dumb (feat. First-Ade, Bad Newz and Dastranger)
8.Feeling Like An East Patient
9.Dodge1 (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
10.G'd UP (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
11.I Go Ham (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
12.I'm Wrong (feat. First-Ade, Dastranger and Buck)
13.Do It Again (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
14.Whoa Nelly (feat. Buck, First-Ade, Shemika and Dastranger)
15.Jiggin On My Tiptoes (feat. First-Ade, Dez Corleone and Buck...
16.Kick Stand Leaning (feat. First-Ade, Buck and Dastranger)
17.Shimmie Wop (feat. Dastranger)
18.Crazy - Remix (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
19.Sling That Azz (feat. First-Ade, Buck, Jab and Dastranger)
20.Last Night (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
21.She's Bad (feat. Dez Corleone and Buck)
22.Let's Have A Party (feat. Dastranger)
23.Spinwheel (feat. Buck and First-Ade)
24.Throw Me Away (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
25.On Top (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
26.Playin Games (feat. Dastranger)
27.Just Right (feat. Dastranger)
28.Sling Weight (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
29.Slo It Down (feat. First-Ade and Dastranger)
30.We Ain't Leavin (feat. Dastranger)


Keep Dancing (feat. Shawmichael & D-Ray) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Dastranger

  • Keep Dancing (feat. Shawmichael & D-Ray) - Single by Dastranger

Released:  August 2nd, 2014
Track List:

1.Keep Dancing (feat. Shawmichael & D-Ray)


Hatin on Me (feat. MzTeQui) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Da Stranger

  • Hatin on Me (feat. MzTeQui) - Single by Da Stranger

Released:  April 20th, 2012
Track List:

1.Hatin on Me (feat. MzTeQui)


What You Scared For (feat. Dastranger) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: B-Dirty

  • What You Scared For (feat. Dastranger) - Single by B-Dirty

Released:  April 20th, 2011
Track List:

1.What You Scared For (feat. Dastranger)


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