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Luvv to Dance

Type: Album

Artist: the Much Luvv Fam

  • Luvv to Dance by the Much Luvv Fam

Released:  July 20th, 2010
Track List:

1.Intro (feat. CY and DJ Primo)
2.Heaven's Travel (feat. K-Drama)
3.Listen Up (feat. Tre9, Martay and Cheno Lyfe)
4.Last Time (feat. Gifted Da Flamethrowa, Knine and Soulfruit)
5.Testify (feat. Gospel Gangstaz, 007, Martay and DJ Promote)
6.Move Me (feat. Dre' Murray and Spradley)
7.1-2-Many (feat. Whuteva and Ren Patrick)
8.Presence of the Lord (feat. S.O.M. and Yunek)
9.Party (Let's Dance) [feat. big Al]
10.It's Time (feat. Young Chozen and Kurtis Blow)
11.My Night Out (feat. Ras, G-Notes and Soulfruit)
12.Dance Your Dance (feat. Litarodi and Braille)
13.Breaking Down (feat. Brinson and Jermel Forehand)
14.Superstar (feat. Sypreme)
15.Your Chance to Dance (feat. Sean Slaughter, The Warriors ATX...
16.Keep On (feat. Tre9, ICECE and Corey Paul)
17.Higher (feat. CY, Zeeda, Sivion and Scott Floyd)
18.Push On (feat. Von Won and Christafari)
19.Don't Front (feat. theBREAX and D-Maub)
20.Carpe Diem (feat. Frontlynaz)


Street Symphony

Type: Album

Artist: Gifted Da Flamethrowa

  • Street Symphony by Gifted Da Flamethrowa

Released:  November 17th, 2009
Track List:

1.Intro (feat. IMAJJ and David Gardner)
2.Go Get Em
3.Get Some
5.Get It Started (feat. Y.A., Zeeda and Teddy)
6.Eyes On Me (feat. Yunek, Tre9 and J. Xavier)
7.The Corner (feat. 007)
8.Free Us (feat. Bishop Lester Love)
9.Hands Up (feat. Denzil)
11.Power Up (feat. Von Won and Gammage)
12.Prisoners (feat. Knine, D-Maub, Prozpera D., Hood, Excelcius...
13.Let You Go
14.Doing It (feat. S.O.M. and Cy)
15.Life (feat. Vincent Powell)
16.The Call (feat. Cory Wallace)


Frozen Files

Type: Album

Artist: ICECE

  • Frozen Files by ICECE

Released:  October 13th, 2009
Track List:

1.New Faces
2.Take Da Club Back (feat. Von Won and Kiotti)
3.So Throwed
4.Rock N Roll
5.Streets Keep Callin' Me (feat. Mitchelle'l)
6.Lookin' Clean
7.3rd Coast Bound (feat. Big Pokey)
8.Soldier's Cry (feat. Yunek)
9.You Lied
10.I Wanna Be the One
11.Life Of Kid Scorned
12.It's Gotta Get Better (feat. Bushwick Bill)
13.Gettin' This Money (feat. Show and Choppa)
14.So Throwed Remix (feat. Big Mike and Lil Keke)


The Journey Revisited

Type: Album

Artist: S.O.M.

  • The Journey Revisited by S.O.M.

Released:  May 18th, 2009
Track List:

1.Intro (feat. Wonderus)
2.Jump Back Remix (feat. Bizzy Bone)
3.Real (feat. ICECE)
4.U Don't Know Me Like Dat (feat. ICECE)
6.The Takeover (feat. Tre9)
7.Certified Grinders (feat. Lil KeKe)
8.Jehovah Jireh
9.The Journey
10.Ride Or Die (feat. Shei Atkins)
11.Youth Of The Nation (feat. Mike Flores)
12.We Ain't Leavin (feat. Pettidee)
13.Jump Back


The Farmer

Type: Album

Artist: Tre9

  • The Farmer by Tre9

Released:  March 31st, 2009
Track List:

1.Farmer Intro
2.I Be Comin' Thru
3.Rise To The Top (feat. Von Won and B.B. Jay)
4.Suburbs Remix (feat. Big Pokey and Lil Keke)
5.Put Ya Hands Up (feat. ColCutz and A-RON)
6.Angelina Part II
7.Take A Look At My Life
8.Movin' Up To The Suburbs (feat. Von Won and Ras)
9.Bob Yo Head (feat. S.O.M. and Shei Atkins)
10.One Question (feat. Cy, Boyce and Romeo)
11.Respect (feat. Brian Black)
12.Farmer (feat. Kevin Black)
13.Won't Stop (feat. ICECE, Von Won and Yung Fatal)
14.Go Hard (feat. Pettidee and Wonderus)
15.Supersize (feat. ICECE and S.O.M.)
16.Night & Day (feat. Bruce Takara)
17.Right Or Wrong
18.Help Me Out (feat. LitaRodi, ColCutz and Bruce Takara)


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