Artist Profile: Dale Duncan

  • Dale Duncan


The Heart of Australia

Type: Album

Artist: Dale Duncan

  • The Heart of Australia by Dale Duncan

Released:  September 20th, 2013
Track List:

1.The Heart of Australia
2.I'd Rather Mud Than Dust (feat. Graham Rodger)
3.Springtime On Monaro
4.The Parents Song
5.Joe the Crow
6.When the Red Bougainvilleas Bloom
7.Malabar Mansion (feat. Gordon Parsons)
8.Rusty It's Goodbye
9.His Gippsland Girl
10.Two Apples
11.Three Words Daddy
12.You're a Real Good Friend (feat. Amos Morris)


Family Values

Type: Album

Artist: Dale Duncan

  • Family Values by Dale Duncan

Released:  January 19th, 2012
Track List:

1.I Only See You
2.Just Because
3.Walking In My Shoes (feat. Shaza Leigh)
4.Arajoel Waltz (feat. Lynette Guest)
5.Nobody's Darling But Mine
6.A Mother As Lovely As You
7.Family Values
8.Family Bible
10.House Is A Home
11.Don't Make Me Go To Bed (And I'll Be Good)
12.I'll Never Forget


Miracle Girl (feat. Johanna Hemara)

Type: Single

Artist: Dale Duncan

  • Miracle Girl (feat. Johanna Hemara) by Dale Duncan

Released:  May 1st, 2013
Track List:

1.Miracle Girl (feat. Johanna Hemara)


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