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A Walk of Faith

Type: Album

Artist: Jay Luck

  • A Walk of Faith by Jay Luck

Released:  November 22nd, 2013
Track List:

1.Lift Off
2.The Case of the Misplaced Mic
4.Show Me What You Got
5.Country Boy
6.Down I-10
7.ImA King
8.Northside Killa
9.Hi Jay My Name Is Luck
11.Million Dolla Dogg
12.Hard White Krack
13.Half Past Dead
14.Just Viben Man
15.Who Are You
16.A Walk of Faith
17.Fuck a Million I Want Two
18.Resurrected (feat. Hope's Dope)
19.When I Dream of You
20.Outta Smoke


Hyway Gypsy Live!

Type: Album

Artist: Hyway Gypsy

  • Hyway Gypsy Live! by Hyway Gypsy

Released:  November 14th, 2003
Track List:

1.No 1 Angel (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
2.Thrill (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
3.Heart of Mine (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
4.Change (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
5.Different World (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
6.Rendezvous (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
7.Beautiful Day (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
8.X Rated (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
9.Flower in the Sun (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
10.The Rock (feat. Mercedez) [Live]
11.I Don't Want to Cry (feat. Mercedez) [Live]



Type: Album

Artist: Mercedez

  • Mercedez by Mercedez

Released:  July 1st, 2001
Track List:

1.Heart of Mine
2.No Me Without You
3.Gone with the Wind
4.Don't Rain On My Parade
5.Billy Joe
6.Have Some Fun Tonight
7.She Cried a Little
8.Me and Jesse
9.Should've Listened to You
10.Girl Next Door
11.Kid on a Carrousel
13.Twice In One's Life
14.Sticks and Stones
15.Ride Little Cowgirl
16.Different World
17.Wild Girls


Money (feat. Jay Luck 214)

Type: Single

Artist: Microphone Lewis

  • Money (feat. Jay Luck 214) by Microphone Lewis

Released:  March 12th, 2016
Track List:

1.Money (feat. Jay Luck 214)


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Eric Peters"...Where other digital distributor payouts were laughably small, Catapult's were more than fair and actually skewed rates in the artists' favor; imagine that. I'm glad to be associated with these folks. Their payouts are prompt (once a month on the dot) and they are accessible whenever I have questions/concerns, unlike many other faceless corporations whose empty promises of customer service fail once they get your money."

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