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Type: Album

Artist: Sideshow Tramps

  • Revelator by Sideshow Tramps

Released:  September 1st, 2011
Track List:

1.Here Comes the Party
2.Siddartha’s Dancers
3.Tramps and Freaks
4.Hambone’s on the Needle Again
5.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
6.Only a Drop Left
7.Shady Little Girl
8.Back to New Orleans
9.John the Revelator


The Burdener

Type: Album

Artist: Craig Kinsey

  • The Burdener by Craig Kinsey

Released:  January 8th, 2011
Track List:

1.Deep Vermillion Rug
2.Ball and Chain
3.Big Ol' Tree
4.Montrose Blvd. Blues
5.Cold Shoulder
6.Still Alone
7.Waitin' on a Train
8.Pale Rises The Moon
9.Eureka Girls
10.Death Letter
11.Bits and Pieces
13.After All
14.St. Anne's Door
15.Big Ol' Tree (feat. Tim Freeman)


Medicine Show

Type: Album

Artist: Sideshow Tramps

  • Medicine Show by Sideshow Tramps

Released:  June 28th, 2007
Track List:

1.Buck Dancer's Choice
2.New Train
3.4th Street Mess Around
4.John Went Up to Heaven
5.Funeral Song
7.General Leigh
8.City's About to Fall
9.Cocaine Habit Blues
10.Rag Tag Mess Around
11.Way Down on the Old Plank Road
12.Sugar Shack
13.Little Girl Called You
14.Ease Out on the Hill
15.Lady Vodka


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