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The Album

Type: Album

Artist: 500 Boyz

  • The Album by 500 Boyz

Released:  May 7th, 2011
Track List:

1.Down in Albuquerque (feat. Cooley Sha)
2.I'm Jiggin, I'm Fresh (Skit)
3.I'm Jiggin, I'm Fresh
4.Panty's So Wet (feat. Ca$h)
5.Teach Me How 2 Jigg
6.Pound Game (Skit)
7.Pound Game
8.Dis Feels Like Good Bye
9.I Don't Want Dat Bitch
10.Feeling My Vibe (feat. J-Block)
12.Eat Dat Dick (feat. Yung Dodo)
13.Zip a Day


MOE: Money Over Everything, Vol. 1

Type: Album

Artist: S. Malik Swayne

  • MOE: Money Over Everything, Vol. 1 by S. Malik Swayne

Released:  November 5th, 2010
Track List:

3.Do It Like Me (feat. Fat Lee & Bamboozle)
4.Such A G (feat. Droop Genius)
6.Money, Hoes, Clothes (feat. Bamboozle)
7.Give It to 'Em
8.The Streetz
9.Hatin' On Me
10.Ya Dead
11.Fukk Malik (feat. Meny Macc)
12.Makkism (feat. Meny Macc)
13.How Itz Suppose to Be (feat. Yung Reese)
14.Twist It Up (feat. Hutch Kurry)
15.Speak On It
16.The Boom Song (feat. Young Tay, Fat Kat & Tim Jackson)
17.Lil Mama
18.One Mo Again (feat. Fat Kat)
19.Let It Go
20.Let It Go (A. Fish Tribute)
21.Yea Yea (feat. Fat Kat)
22.A Whole Different League (Outro)



Type: Single

Artist: Karina Herrera

  • Closer by Karina Herrera

Released:  May 1st, 2011
Track List:




Type: Single

Artist: Karina Herrera

  • Butterflies by Karina Herrera

Released:  March 16th, 2011
Track List:



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